Industry Laboratory

The RE'14 "Industry Laboratory" is a new concept introduced at this year's conference. The goal is to enable industrial participants to discuss experiences, demonstrate products and share their vision for the future with the research community. The Industry Laboratory is a part of the commitment to attract and involve industry in the applied field of requirements engineering research. This year we are estimating that over a quarter of the attendees will be from industry, from a wide range of domains including telecommunications, defense and services. Requirements engineering is a pervasive, central and critical competence area, relevant to the development of all products and services. This will be reflected in the diversity provided during the Industry Laboratory.

The Industry Laboratory will run in parallel to the traditional peer-reviewed research and industry tracks and provides several ways to interact:

  • Presentations by companies open to all attendees of the conference. Presentations will describe experiences, pose challenges and report on actions taken by companies. Will also include visions and outline the needs for future research and direction.
  • Showcases/exhibits by several companies will demonstrate products and services. These will be spread across the conference venue and will serve as hubs to enable direct interaction between researchers, students and industrial experts.
  • Speed-Dating sessions where practitioners can pose challenges and researchers can offer potential solutions, leading to collaboration opportunities.
  • Informal discussions. Simply drop in to the Industrial Laboratory to discuss challenges, opportunities and potential collaborations. Open to all industry practitioners and researchers.

We invite all RE'14 attendees to actively engage, listen, interact and work with us to make the Industrial Laboratory a success. How? Attend. Mingle. Grab a hold of a practitioner and talk to them.

Speed Dating

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014, 12:30 - 13:30

Are you a practitioner with hands on RE experience? Or are you an RE researcher willing to share your knowledge and find current challenges? Just looking to chat with people with similar interests in RE'14? Whoever you are, the Speed-Dating Session is for you!

In the Speed-Dating Session, you will be able to meet other attendees with similar kinds of interests. Using a series of 5-minute "dates", we aim to facilitate dialogue between research and industry by matching people with similar interests for a brief chat. We hope to create interesting encounters, where RE challenges encountered in the wild might be matched to state of the art research, and collaboration between the two parties could be created.

Please answer this small survey to make the matchmaking of people more effective!

Invited Company Talks

####CSC's way of Managing Requirements in an Agile environment

CSC changed development method to use Scrum and Agile development when rewriting our current product, Boomerang. This was a change in mind setting and methodology for the whole team and stake holders.
In this session we discuss the evolution and practical adoption of using Scrum and Agile development methods from 2009 to today 2014. We go through how we have bridged the GAP between the Scrum theories in the books and the reality. We investigate how we have faced the challenge of every day projects/customer driven requirements vs. software product road map requirements. We also go through some real project examples on the requirement process where we have adapted Scrum to create a full Demand, Delivery and Maintenance process. In this walk-through we focus on how the Requirements Management-, Interaction Design- and Test processes can be linked together. We also talk about how we drive our vision to be a global software solution and a software development framework.


Thursday, August 28, 2014, 10:30 - 11:15


Tanja Berggren
CSC, Sweden

Tanja Berggren is a Scrum Product owner at CSC based in Malmö. She is passionate about Agile development and is striving to constantly improve the agile requirement process to work in practice. She is a graduate in electrical engineering holding an MSc from Lund Institute of Technology.
Tanja has over 10 years of practical experience in requirements management with different software development processes. She has worked with requirements in many various software development projects, such as supply chain systems, warehouse management systems, sales systems, future strategy projects as well as the web with e-commerce and IKEA Family.
Tanja's Linked in profile.

####Realizing customer requirements in a world leading Business Support Solution

More than 2 Billion subscribers, belonging to more than 200 different operators, are today charged through Ericsson Charging System within Ericsson's OSS/BSS portfolio. The area of charging and billing, and the customer data these processes are operating on, is tightly connected to the operator's business models, and hence the spectrum of different requirements is wide. It stretches from legal requirements within the specific country, requirements coming from the underlying network, how to improve User Experience for Customer Sales representatives, how to realize and follow-up the upcoming Christmas campaign, to how the subscriber can personalize his or her notification preferences. At the same time we are proactively introducing support for new verticals, complying with standards and new network technologies.
This presentation gives an introduction to how Ericsson, often in close cooperation with customers, is working with requirements. It continues with how we are balancing the wide spectrum of requirements, how to do requirement break-down in a complex real-time system based on different technologies, with development centers spread over the world, together with how the requirements are realized in our product. It also touches upon how continuous integration is a prerequisite to keep a high product quality in an offering without customer specific branches, where the same software is used throughout the customer base, and how a variety in the offering is obtained through flexible configuration and function key control.
Additional information, and live demos, complementing this presentation will be available in our demo area during the conference.


Thursday, August 28, 2014, 11:15 - 12:00


Afaf Adawi
Ericsson, Sweden

Strategic Product Manager, focus area Product Enhancements, within Ericsson OSS/BSS portfolio.
Afaf is Strategic Product Manager with 16 years of experience in the telecom industry. Manages assigned product, solutions, systems and services during the different phases of the products life cycle, meeting market requirements and needs also securing profitable products. Well-experienced within 3rd party products and a history of trade compliance work, configuration management and function test.

Karin Hoel
Ericsson, Sweden

Chief Architect within Ericsson OSS/BSS portfolio.
Karin has worked with requirements in different positions within the telecom industry for more than twenty years. She has, among others, defined strategic requirements in line with customer interactions and roadmap alignment as a Strategic Product Manager for O&M parts in Ericsson’s Core Network. Currently, as the Chief Architect for the Ericsson's classic Charging System, she is working with requirement break-down from strategic level to detailed requirements suitable for an agile team.

####How do the leading procurement agencies in the Nordic region manage their requirements?

We will present a requirements management methodology, called RQplus, which has been successfully implemented in both procuring organizations and in the supplier industry. It is the collected best practices from more than a decade of requirements management experiences in an acquirer/supplier context. During our presentation we will demonstrate how RQplus works and we will simulate the communication of requirements and verification data between acquirer and supplier. We will also demonstrate how RQplus supports the acquirer in evaluating bids from multiple suppliers.


Thursday, August 28, 2014, 15:30 - 16:15


Lars Anderberg
Syntell, Sweden

Lars is a Senior Consultant within Systems Engineering, specializing in Requirements Management. He has a solid background from technical development projects in various organizations. His focus is on Requirements Management (developing, introducing, and supporting RM capability development), Systems Engineering, Process Development, IV&V (Integration, Verification and Validation), and Procurement. He is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) from INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) and has got a broad international experience from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and the USA.

Henrik Morast
Syntell, Sweden

Henrik is a Senior Consultant within Systems Engineering, specializing in Requirements Management. Prior to joining Syntell he worked for Telelogic, where he was both doing consulting and DOORS training. Henrik has been working for several organizations within the telecom and defense sectors, supporting them with Requirements Management, both operational support and process and methods development. He is a Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering from IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board).

####Eating our own ice cream! How IBM Rational works with Requirements

As the world's leading vendor of formal requirements management tools, you wouldn't expect IBM Rational to use desk top office tools to write requirements. Learn how we use our own tools to develop the next versions of our solutions. More than that, we'll show you how our clients can activly participate in the requirements review process and help decide the priority of our backlog! Since 2009 IBM Rational has been self-hosting their Jazz requirements solution in one of the world's largest requirements crowd sourcing projects.
We like to think that our solution is like ice cream that everyone will want to consume.
For quality ice cream, and for quality development tools, the best ingredients are necessary; the tools running on the jazz platform are just that. We have a collaborative environment that is proven effective with globally distributed teams working in a range of industries, using a variety of project management techniques from Agile to Waterfall to Continuous Engineering.


Thursday, August 28, 2014, 16:15 - 17:00


Morgan Brown

Morgan works in a worldwide team, educating internal technical experts on new developments in the IBM Rational toolset. He is closely involved with the product development team, bringing a customer perspective to the discussions.
Coming from a background of telecoms and aerospace engineering, and with well over a decade of Requirements Management and Systems Engineering experience, Morgan is often found offering advice on tools and processes to customers, both large and small. From ongoing expert support to some large customers, to ad-hoc questions from colleagues, his daily routine is unpredictable, but the focus is always on improving the tools and usage of the tools.


Industry Laboratory Chair

Alistair Mavin
Rolls-Royce, UK

Alistair (Mav) is a requirements specialist at Rolls-Royce PLC based in Derby, UK. He has experience in the development and delivery of requirements engineering training and in supporting innovation in system requirements and design. Mav has published many papers on requirements engineering and is a regular contributor to the IEEE Requirements Engineering conference series. He was Industry Chair for RE'13, is a member of the British Computer Society's Requirements Engineering Specialist Group committee and is a chartered engineer.

Industry Laboratory Deputy Chair

Eero Uusitalo
Aalto University, Finland

Eero Uusitalo is a researcher at the Software Business and Engineering Institute of Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. His main research interests are in managing regulatory requirements, linking requirements engineering with testing, and natural language requirements. Eero has recently worked as an inspector in the nuclear safety authority of Finland, and currently focuses his research on regulatory requirements in the nuclear domain.

Industry Laboratory Assistant

Cristina Palomares
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Cristina Palomares is a PhD student in the Software Engineering for Information Systems Research Group (GESSI) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Her current research area is requirement engineering, specially focus on requirements reuse. Her PhD thesis deals about the construction, use and evolution of software requirement patterns for the reuse of requirements knowledge. She is the coordinator of developers of the PABRE System for supporting requirements reuse.