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  1. Getting to Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona
  2. Campus Maps
  3. Important Places in Karlskrona
  4. Explore Scenic Karlskrona!

Getting to Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona

Transfer between Karlskrona city, Gullberna Park, the Marinmuseum and BTH campus will be organized via bus shuttles and a ferry. The detailed schedule lists the routes for all 5 conference days.

There is also a regular bus that leaves from the bus station (Kungsplan Karlskrona, opposite to the train station). Bus no. 1 leaves towards campus from this stop (every 10 minutes). The local buses are run by Blekingetrafiken and you can get an up to date timetable on their website.

A trip from Kungsplan to campus takes 8 minutes and costs 22 SEK cash (no cards accepted, correct change is recommended). Driving (6 minutes) or walking (30 minutes). See the map below for detailed directions from the central station to the campus.

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Campus Maps


Campus Gräsvik


A-Building, Floor 2 A-Building, Floor 3


C-Building, Floor 2

C-Building, Floor 4


G-Building, Floor 2


J-Building, Floor 1

J-Building, Floor 3

Bring your swimsuit and refresh yourself with a splash between sessions!

Important Places in Karlskrona

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Explore Scenic Karlskrona!

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The conference will be hosted at the main campus of Blekinge Institute of Technology, a modern university situated in the 17th-century naval city of Karlskrona. Karlskrona, a UNESCO World Heritage site, preserves many of its original landmarks and baroque architecture. The city sits in the Blekinge archipelago of 30 islands, which forms a nature preserve that is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Close to nature and the ocean and with plentiful cultural sites, this popular region attracts many recreational visitors. The region is also well known for its high-tech industry and is host to many leading companies.

You to get an impression of Sweden and Karlskrona by visiting the following resources: