Living Scholarship

We have secured sponsorship for free housing and breakfast for 70 PhD students/junior faculty members during RE'14 for five nights!

This is to minimize the costs for students and junior faculty members to attend RE'14 - we believe it is extremely important for students and junior researchers to attend the conference, but also that RE'14 will be a much better event given their presence. Please consider encouraging and enabling more students and junior faculty to attend. Get going on submitting to the main conference or to workshops, the doctoral symposium and other.


To be eligible for the scholarship (get free housing) the applicant needs to:

  • be registered on the main conference OR be registered for at least 2 workshops OR 2 full day tutorials
  • be a research student or equivalent or a junior member of faculty at an accredited university or institute
How to apply

Applications should be sent in an email to Anna Eriksson no later than July 10, 2014. In the application you should supply the following information:

  • Email subject: "RE14 Living scholarship application"
  • Full name
  • Name of your school (or equivalent)
  • Official email address (at your school)
  • Name and email of your supervisor or equivalent
  • Attachment: Proof of your registration to the conference (or workshops or tutorials) based on the receipt you get after registration

The living scholarships will be handed out prioritizing students coming from outside Europe first, then outside Nordic countries. Overall first applied gives you a scholarship given the prioritization. Observe: if the slots are not filled by students, then we will offer the scholarships to junior researchers with focus on developing countries. Details are subject to change.

This scholarship is sponsored by: